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We understand building a new home is not an easy process. Picking out cabinets, fixtures and flooring are very important to the look, feel and function of your home. Basement waterproofing is one of those topics some people leave up to the builder or don’t think much about. Since you are not professional water-proofer we have removed some technical ‘speak' out of this section and answer some questions you might have about basement waterproofing to get you started. After you check out this section, go over to the builder section and see the waterproofing options available to you. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to email us at HouseGuard and we’ll do our best to help educate you in your quest for a dry and safe basement. Click below for more information!


A dry basement is the objective! We achieve this by quality products, certified applicators, and a guarantee that says, "if it leaks we fix it," at no extra cost to the owner throughout the warranty period. We don’t fuss over some little issue on a technicality of the crack, we deal with it! We also will be there in 10 or 20 years, that might not be the case of a local contractor who is warranting his product. Take worry off of your plate when it comes to offering a dry basement to your customers, we have you covered. That is our commitment to you!


You work hard every day to be successful. Today’s environment doesn’t make it any easier. You need a supplier you can count on with waterproofing products that perform day in and day out. Someone you can call on when you’re dealing with an issue you have not faced before and a supplier that’s in it for the long run. If this sounds like a company that you might be able to partner with, take a closer look and give us a call and let us discuss what you want to do with your business! Call HouseGuard at 855-9HG SEAL (855-944-7325).


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"Waterproofing basements in Northern Michigan’s cold and often wet climate is not easy. Maybe that’s why our competitors rarely last more than a year. To provide a cost effective waterproofing service in an area where the basement walls are often damp or frosty takes specialized equipment and products. Heated storage, heated spray equipment, and a product that sticks and is absorbed into the pores of damp masonry surfaces is a necessity!

For us that product is HouseGuard! Over the years we have tried numerous fluid applied waterproofing products. Most have had too high of solvent content to be effective in our climate. Remember the old saying “ oil and water don’t mix”. Well, it is hard to get good adhesion on frosty damp walls with an oil based waterproofing mix. 

We use HouseGuard because it works! Our customers use us because they end up with dry basements at a cost effective price. We also appreciate the way HouseGuard has treated us over the years as we Worked together to solve common problems!"

Ken Sieradski
Demand Waterproofing of Mi. Inc.