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TruDry™ Waterproofing membrane

10 year performance warranty by HouseGuard
** Poured concrete walls only



 TruDry™ Waterproofing membrane

 15 year performance warranty

** Poured Concrete walls only


 TruDry™ Waterproofing membrane

 Green JacketDelta Drain

 20 year performance warranty

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 Tensile strength  chart in PSi

Chart shows that Green Jacket polyester fibers combined with TruDryXG membrane creates a Tensile Strength that is over 650% stronger than the TruDryXG membrane alone.

Note: the chart on the right, TruDryXG at 50psi and the XG with GJ at 338.5psi-that is a 650% increase in strength.

Damproofing vs. Waterproofing Membranes: What is the Real Difference? 

Damproofing is a barrier against water vapor penetration but does NOT have the ability to stop water from entering a crack in a wall. It has no crack bridging ability nor hydro-static (water pressure) resistance, therefore it does not qualify as a waterproofing product. Ask your contractor for an ICC evaluation report on the product used.

Waterproofing is a membrane barrier designed to stop water from entering a cracked basement wall. The two characteristics of a true waterproofing membrane are 1) the ability to bridge a crack 2) ability to resist water from entering the crack. 

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Foundation Installed with GreenJacket