Warranty Info

What is the process for handling warranties? 
   All warranties are now processed online and once you become an applicator we will show you how to do it.
How do I file a warranty claim with HouseGuard?

Please contact HouseGuard customer service at 704-344-8222 and tell them you are filing a warranty claim for waterproofing repair. You will be sent an sheet requesting information pertinent to your basement necessary to process the claim. Complete the form and return it to HouseGuard, either email or regular mail. Once received and processed which takes a week or two, we will be in contact with you via phone or email. If the warranty claim is valid, HouseGuard will contact a local contractor to make the repair. All repairs will be warrantied.

Can we utilize email for warranty documents?

Yes, all warranty documents can be processed via email to orders@gmxco.com. customer service department attention at 704-334-8222

Houseguard -GMX-The Garland Company offer residential and commerical warranties


 10 year -TruDry waterproofing membrane on poured walls.

 20 year-TruDry or TruDryXG waterproofing with Green Jacket or Delta Drain

 Commerical warranty

 5 year performance warranty includes TruDry or TruDryXG and Green Jacket or Delta Drain.