Miscellaneous Products

HG Cleaner

Not just any cleaner takes off asphalt like  HG Cleaner does. Great for equipment, clothes and skin. (make sure you wash quickly with water after using the cleaner on skin).

  • Cuts asphalt and grease like no other cleaner 

  • Environmentally friendly-water based

  • Contains no petroleum products

  • Uses natural, sustainable cleaning ingredients

GMX Mastic 

Mastics are designed to fill holes, like tie holes and honey combed areas of walls. Summer  and Winter Grade Mastic product serve the purpose to which they were designed, the summer grade should be used in temperatures above 45 degrees and rising, and temperatures below 45 degree should be using winter grade material.


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TruStop I & II

TruStop I Surface Mount

This effective crack repair system requires drilling holes intersecting the crack and inserting ports. These ports are filled with grout using a grease gun.

Three sizes of kits are available (click here to see the contents of each system):

  • Sample Kit-enough product to repair two cracks

  • Starter Kit-enough product to repair 14 cracks

  • Bulk Kit-enough product to repair 60 cracks.

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TruStop II Surface Mount

This injection system truly is a surface mount system. Instead of drilling for port insertion, these ports are glued on the surface of the crack. See spec sheet for details of product.

Two sizes;

  • 30 foot Urethane Kit

  • 60 foot Urethane Kit

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E 6100 Sealants by Eclectic

E 6100 Sealant is a unique non-sag adhesive formulated to meet high performance industrial requirements. E6100 will not sag, drip or run, and can be used in applications that require vertical and horizontal hold. E-6100 has exceptional adhesion to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, masonry, concrete, leather, rubber, vinyl and many plastics. Available in cases of 12 tubes in concrete grey or clear color.


ComfortDRY TEX II is the product to address above grade issues over concrete, masonry, or foam surfaces. It provides a textured finish that beautifies and protects the surface. ComfortDRY TEX II is incredibly strong, easy to use and environmentally friendly. See spec sheet for details.

TruDrain 12" & 6"

TruDrain 12” or 6” are footer drainage product designed to replace conventional pipe and gravel. It's a modular composite drainage and collection system consisting of a 3 dimensional, high flow drainage core wrapped with a non-woven filter fabric. We recommend that usage on poured walls and collection run to daylight. Also if the product is to be used on top of the footer, we recommend a filter type of board approximately two feet wide behind TruDrain.