Wall Ninja

Wall Ninja™ is the first and last moisture fighting and thermal capturing system your basement will ever need.
We Guarantee it!


      it is an INTERIOR water drainage and insulation system. 

why is Wall Ninja important? 

Foundations of all types are susceptible to leaks from the top to the bottom because not every part of the foundation wall is protected with a  quality waterproofing. Wall Ninja is an 'interior' back up system in case the water does make it through the exterior wall. Once the water reaches the interior of the basement wall, Wall Ninja directs it to the interior drain system and out of the basement.

   Wall Ninja not only redirects water when it reaches the inside of the basement, it also adds a high quality insulation value R-5 or R-10. to the basement. Basements can feel damp and cool making it unpleasant for a true living space, so builders insulate the walls with studs and bat insulation, this can create a ripe environment for mold and mildew to form. Wall Ninja completely eliminates the potential for mold becuase  it is non- organic insulation product, yet offers superior insulation value for a warm,dry and safe enviorment for your family.

Simple Three-Step Installation Process:

- Left - Installation of NINJA™ channel is installed on the inside the wall and on top of footer area- it directs all water under floor.

- Center - Dow Styrofoam® blueboard is glued directly onto the foundation wall and on top of the Nina Channel. The space between the wall and board is the micro channel for water to travel down.  It also offers R-5 or R-10 insulation to the 'entire foundation wall.

- Right - Application of sealing tape is applied to the seams, prevents warm air touching the cold wall and creating condensation.

*No more call backs from owners on basement issues

*Stops condition for mold growth

* No more musty and mildew odors

*Reduced heat loss-increases savings

*No maintenance needed

*Written 30 year guarantee dry basement protection

Wall Ninja Product Brochure

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Technical Documents specific to the Dow board application on interior wall.
ICC-ES Evaluation Report
STYROFOAM Exposed Application Clarification