Simple tip on how to improve spraying and the moral of the crew in winter operation

The short answer is HEAT!
Here is a recommend procedure:
When arriving at Job site, the first thing they do is to start the machine and leave the truck running. If it is a diesel you will have to put a prop on the accelerator to make the truck run faster and hotter because diesels run cooler than do gas trucks.

Secondly, start the spray unit and turn on the heat ex-changer. Third, put the hose into the tank or connect the hose to the tank so that the membrane can be re-circulated through the hose back into the tank while the crew is prepping the job. This might be a problem for some because you have a gun with quick disconnects on it, if that is the case, leave the gun on and take off the tip and spray the membrane into the tank until the hose gets hot! Membranes spray harder in the winter than in any other time of the year because asphalt membranes like HEAT, like 100-125 degrees at the pump heat!

Here is the scenario:

You store membrane at about 50 degrees, that is starting point,the crew recirculates the membrane for 15-20 minutes while prepping the foundation, but NOT THOUGH THE HOSE. So the membrane in the tank might get to 70 degrees at best in that 20 minutes period of time. 50 degrees membrane laying on 30 degrees ground!

They are ready to spray, they pull out the hose that has material in it, that is 50 degrees, and the ground, temp is 30 degrees, what do you think is going to happen to the membrane in the hose? It is going to go down, right? If you have an insulated hose it might help to slow down the cold. We now have about 175 feet of hose laying on the ground and getting colder my the minute. The spray guy pulls the trigger, and the membrane starts to spit and spurt, the spray pattern is going in all directions, for the next 5 minutes or so he is either taking off the tip to get the flow good, or reversing the tip to get out the clogs in the line. And he is cursing it and anyone within shouting distance; sorry I forgot your guys are more refined than that!

And how much material is being wasted shooting it on the ground, on the footer, and who knows where else just to get a good flow. 5-10 gallons maybe at $6.00/gal, that is $30-60.00. All of this can be eliminated by getting the hose HOT.

So get the Hose Hot! Everyone will be happier, even the membrane!

Cleaning Time anyone?
Great time of year to clean out and to clean off the asphalt from the spray rig with a cleaner specifically formulated for HouseGuard. It removes dried asphalt and grease from surfaces such as metal, rubber, concrete, even clothes. It contains no petroleum products,the active cleaning agent comes from sustainable sources, and it is environmentally friendly.

Winter Discount of 10% on T.H.A.T.
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5 gallons container is $24.54/gal=$122.7
55 gallons is $23.28=$1,280.40
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