Now is the time to clean out the spray unit tank

Maintaining equipment operation using a flushing process:

No doubt about it using asphalt products can be quite frustrating at the least and at worst complete shutdown of the spray unit costing hundreds of dollars in loss time, not to mention a possible customer lost when a job can not get done because the spray unit is down. What many contractors fail to realize is that asphalt emulsions build up over time in the tank, hoses, heat ex-changers etc, so I am going to suggest a practice that will help to reduce the headaches and down time if these procedures are followed.

Remember what Benjamin Franklin said "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
Annual to Bi-annually flush the unit: Winter time is particularly a good opportunity to perform flushing procedure; Here is the procedure.

1. Clean the tank of all asphalt, as much as can be sprayed out or drained out, and put in an old drum if you can't do it on a foundation

2. Put 10 gallons of diesel fuel in the asphalt tank, this is usually enough to allow re -circulation.

3. Turn on the spray pump on low and recirculate the fuel/asphalt for 1-2 hour minimum with the truck running, and the heat ex-changer on.

4. Take the gun off of the hose and run the hot fuel through the hose for about 15-20 mins at the end of the session. e. After complete, put the fuel/asphalt mixture into a drum that can be used for later flushing.

5. Load truck as normal, there will be a little fuel/asphalt in the tank and lines but this will not impact the application.

6. Spray the fuel/asphalt into the drum until no more comes out prior to going to job site. Any fuel in the tank will mix with the asphalt emulsion and just provide easier spraying This process cleans out all components of the spray system including the tank. Your spray crew have less hassles this winter and it will improve performance of the unit.